Moscow Times Op Eds, 2008

  1. Putin’s Constitutional Junta, Dmitry Oreshkin, 17 November 2008
  2. Staying in Power by Any Means Necessary, Vladimir Ryzhkov, 14 November 2008
  3. A Guarded Liberalism, Gyorgy Vogt, 6 November 2008
  4. Throw Anti-Graft Plan in the Trash Heap, Georgy Satarov is president of Indem, a Moscow-based think tank, 15 October 2008
  5. Deadly Caucasus Avalanche, Maxim Shevchenko hosts the political talk show "Sudite Sami" on Channel One, 25 August 2008.
  6. Russia’s Upside in the Georgian Conflict, Boris Kagarlistky, Director of the Institute of Globalization Studies,  21 August 2008
  7. Georgian Crisis  is a Trap for US Leadership, G. Lukyanov,  21 August 2008
  8. Looking into Saakashvili’s Caucasus Soul, Iulia Latynina, hosts a political talk show on Echo Moskvy, 20 August 2008
  9. A Tried and True Diversion Tactic, Konstantin Sonin, professor at the New Economic School/CEFIR, is a columnist for Vedomosti, 19 August 2008
  10. Big Democracy Lie (Georgia Ossetia), 14 August 2008
  11. The Unlearned Lessons of the Bosnian War, Fyodor Lukianov, Moscow Times, 29 July 2008.
  12. Communism’s New Crisis, Boris Kagarlistky, 5 May 2008.
  13. The Victories and Defeats of the European Left, “ Boris Kargalitsky, 5 May 2008
  14. How to Conquer Georgia, by Iulia Latynina, 30 April 2008
  15. Easy Come Easy Go Among Russia’s Governors, Nikolai Petrov, scholar in residence at the Carnegie Moscow Centre, 30 April 2008.
  16. The Upside of High Food Prices, Konstantin Sonin, a professor at the New Economic School, is a columnist for Vedomosti, 28 April 2008
  17. “Vlaldimir Putin Says Farewell, But Stays On,” By Soviet historians Roy and George Medvedev, 8 March 2008